Who we are

We are Northwest Terror Fest, incorporated in the State of Washington as Northwest Terror Fest LLC. Our website address is: https://northwestterrorfest.com. We can be contacted at: northwestterrorfest@gmail.com

What personal data we may collect

We do not collect any personal data from visitors to this site, other than as described below.

E-mail addresses

Visitors to this site are not required to register as users or to identify themselves in any other way. However, on this site we do provide links to a third-party ticket vendor for those who wish to purchase tickets to Northwest Terror Fest. That ticket vendor will require personal identifying information from persons who buy tickets, and we may ask the ticket vendor to provide us a list of e-mail addresses for ticket purchasers in order to provide further information about the festival or to notify ticket purchasers about future events hosted by Northwest Terror Fest or merchandise sold by Northwest Terror Fest.

We may also collect e-mail addresses for persons who buy merchandise that we offer for sale, or in response to customer surveys, and may use those e-mail addresses for the same purposes noted above.

We will not use those e-mail addresses for any other purpose and we do not and will not share those e-mail addresses with anyone else.

If you do not wish us to retain or use your e-mail address for the purposes described above, please contact us at the e-mail address provided above and ask that your e-mail be removed from our distribution list, and we will comply with your request.

Third-party ticket vendor

As noted above, we provide links on this page to a third-party ticket vendor where tickets may be purchased. Please read that vendor’s own privacy policy for information relevant to your use of its platform to purchase tickets.

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