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Northwest Terror Fest

We are very pleased to bring you the third annual Northwest Terror Fest in Seattle, Washington, which will showcase the best artists in underground heavy music, including doom, sludge, grind, power violence, black and death metal, post-rock, psych, hardcore, noise and more.

Once a year in Seattle, Northwest Terror Fest brings together the best bands and most discerning fans from the region, the country, and internationally. Here's how you can be a part of it!

Why Northwest Terror Fest?

Following on the heels of the successful Southwest Terror Fest, a select group of people and organizations like Invisible Oranges and No Clean Singing have partnered together to bring you this third edition of Northwest Terror Fest. In five short years Southwest Terror Fest has grown from a very intimate one-venue event hosting 100 people to city-wide events that regularly draw 1000+ people to Tucson, Arizona every October.

We are now bringing the third annual Pacific Northwest version of the festival to Seattle, and hope to continue to experience exceptional growth because our festival attendees know that we put on a unique and carefully curated event catered to the interest of fans of underground heavy music. We are inviting you to become our partner this year and in years to come as the range and scope of our events continue to grow in creativity and capacity.

This year we hope to draw 1000+ fans to the Northwest Terror Fest. However, we limit our number of sponsors so that both our message and yours does not get diluted, carefully selecting a choice few that we feel will work with us to create the most collaborative result for everyone involved.


We continue to work with some of the most respected and hard working public relations firms in the business, such as Earsplit PR and Flip Your Wig Media, who work year around to push and strengthen our brand worldwide. Working with firms like these, who represent decades of experience in heavy music, allows us to ensure coverage in such publications as Decibel Magazine, New Noise Magazine, Thrasher and Noisey, along with a number of reputable blogs such as Invisible Oranges, No Clean Singing and Cvlt Nation.

Along with our own PR outlets, we also work with a wide network of over a dozen different PR firms that represent the individual bands on the festival in order to spread the word to their own fanbases world wide. We also employ an eager street team that attends dozens of relevant shows and festivals throughout the year. They take these opportunities to spread posters and handbills advertising the Terror Fests, which will also feature sponsor information.

With over 6000+ past attendees on our mailing list, we can also use that resource to reach out to those fans every year, ensuring the maximum exposure to both new and old festival attendees. The social media reach of the hundreds of bands that have played the festivals reaches into the millions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your partnership with Northwest Terror fest will help your organization and your message reach these people.

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